HELP College & Graduate School Services

HELPworks with students seeking to maximize their college experience, needing professional advice or graduate school guidance and adults who want assistance to go back to college or on to graduate school.

-Transfer Admission Seeking Students Focus: Awareness of the requirements, major matching and preparation for for successful transition.

-1st and 2nd year college students Focus:Successful social transition and setting a solid foundation of academic success and service participation, followed by sustained academic excellence, leadership development and deeper exploratory research into potential bridges from college majors to actual career interests.

-3rd year college students and beyond Focus: Academics, service, leadership and extracurricular activities based on narrowed career interest research and selection, followed by research, job shadowing and graduate school prep to maximize future career opportunities.

-Graduate/Professional School Focus: Assistance with application preparation and completion, testing, admissions essays and interviewing prep focused on academic and social expectations, institutional fit, research agenda framing, literature comprehension, course management, thesis and dissertation tips, publishing, assistantships and potential pitfalls, along with identification of programs, funding, fellowship assistance and career counseling.

Education is individual, so HELP fees are customized based on students needs and goals.
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You can either get HELP or compete against students who do!

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