High School Services

HELP’s High School services focus on providing students sustained support throughout their high school careers emphasizing the requisite mental, academic and personal skills they will need to prepare for entrance into the college of their choice. The program connects the dots for both students and parents through a stepped process that not only leads to understanding but also builds students academic confidence and promotes their scholarly identity.

9th Grade Focus: Student college and career readiness assessment, curriculum matching, study skill development, and introduction to ACT Test Prep to support a successful personal, academic and emotional transition. ​

10th Grade Focus: Sustained academic excellence, leadership development, exploratory research into potential career and major interests, and continued ACT Test Prep. ​

11th Grade Focus: Sustained academic success, service, leadership and extracurricular activities based on a narrowed potential college and career and major interest pathway based on research and experiences, and focused ACT Test Prep.​

12th Grade Focus: Completion of college application and essays, maximizing and completing the high school experience and preparation for the transition to college. ​​​

Cost: Education is individual, so HELP fees are customized based on students needs and goals. (To begin the process click here to complete the HELP Informational Survey)