HELP’s Academic Services

“WHY” students need HELP… What the literature says!

Middle School

  • Students and parents are waiting too late to begin intentional college and career readiness preparation

High School

  • As ninth grade has been identified as a make-or-break year in which course performance and attendance are the most significant predictors of high school graduation, we need to find ways to motivate students to attend and perform
  • Research highlights that students from underserved/disadvantaged communities have less college readiness resources pursue college at lower rates, and under-match when selecting a college


  • Less than 10% of incoming college students know a lot about the field they intend to major in
  • As students’ progress through their freshman year, they become more uncertain about their intended major
  • ACT Inc. reports that students who select a major that matches their interests are more likely to stick with it and complete degree requirements on time, but few high school graduates are choosing a college major that suits them
  • Data from the National Center for Education Statistics suggests that 80% of US students change their major at least once, but on average, college students change their major at least three times over the course of their college career

There has never been an organization as comprehensive as this, designed without boundaries, open to grow as the need facilitates, having the ability to serve so many.”

Dr. Jacobs-Exford, Alabama State University.