HELP’s College & Career Readiness Assessments (C&CRA) and ACT Test Prep Programs

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C&CRA Program Information

HELP’s C&CRA​ program provides students, parents, educators and youth-serving organizations the tools to assess, identify, and measure areas that are proven to increase students’ career matching and academic success. Further, the data and reports generated from the program also provide targeted interventions to aid in the development of students’ college and career readiness levels. The Program allows students to:

  • Learn about themselves from research proven assessments
  • Take a proactive, informed role in their college and career readiness
  • Explore careers and investigate colleges to create plans for the future
  • Change career planning behaviors ​

​Benefit for Students, Parents and Educators

The C&CRA serves as an early intervention and support program, allowing students and parents to become aware of how personality, learning styles and talents outside of extracurricular activities connect to academics, and potential college and careers. It also allows parents and educators the opportunity to be a participant in monitoring and implementing sustained intervention strategies to support their students.The C&CRA Assessment Includes:

  • Strengths (Gallup’s Clifton Strengths Explorer) – to identify and capitalize on students’ Top 3 emerging talents, and provide students and parents with strategies and action items to encourage growth
  • Personality (Myers & Briggs) – to identify students’ natural preferences, gifts, and talents which assist students in making more informed decisions about their future
  • Learning Style – to identify students’ environmental, emotional, sociological and physical preferences to create the best learning environment at school and home
  • Career Cluster – to identify career clusters that may be a good match

​Students also receive

  • A C&CRA Profile Report, which compiles a snapshot of the results of all the assessment results.
  • Our online ACT Diagnostic & Test Prep program with 6 Practice Tests and over 1,900 practice and test questions
  • An online College and Scholarship Search and Matching program that allows students to look up information on colleges and search for scholarships easily​​