Dear Help Sponsor’s,

My name is Ricky Dillard Jr. from Dallas, Texas, and I will be a freshman business student at Texas A&M University this upcoming fall. I had the wonderful opportunity to explore the many adventures Camp ARCH had to offer and for that I have to say thank you to the ones who worked on my behalf for me to be in attendance. Although this camp didn’t revolve around my area of study, it opened up many doors for insight to new things and connections to another major school within Texas A&M University. Having the pleasure to work in the department of Architecture really assured me that I was talented in more areas than I thought. I went into those studio sessions as if I had been doing it for years. I enjoyed designing and planning out ideas with individuals who had the same goal in mind; which was success. Dr. Rogers, the professor, seemed very interested in my choosing of Business as a major instead of architect due to my level of excitement and accuracy during our time together. Not only did it open my eyes literally, but financially when I received a scholarship to attend the Texas A&M School of Architecture. And for this I am forever grateful!

Overall, I want to thank you wonderful people for opening up this networking, eye opening, and enjoyable opportunity to attend Camp ARCH. I truly had a great experience and will never forget it! THANKS!

Ricky D.