Dear HELP Sponsors,

My name is Mannaser Marshall III from Houston, TX. I am a rising junior that participated in your Viz Kids program at CampARCH. I want to thank you for letting me be a part of such an eye-opening experience like CampARCH.

My experience was by far the best camp I have attended. The chance of being in an authentic college-style workspace was benefiting to me in so many ways. I was taught about the do’s and don’ts of game design, the main atoms needed to create a successful game, and also was fully immersed in a real-world game creation environment. I heard that we spent more than 25 hours in the studio which was a lot considering that we also had our Wacky Olympics, Karaoke, Jeopardy, and other fun events. The best part for me was being reunited with my life-long friend James Johnson since 5th grade again. That opportunity will never be forgotten. My favorite activity I worked on was our zombie first-person shooter game. It was very challenging to make but worth the hard work. I first met Han, Jumoki, Riley, and Kiera. But at the camp, I stayed close with Brandon Gutierrez, Romeo Hernandez, Justin, and James. While mostly with James in the Viz studio, the professors Morgan, Ben, and Jake did a marvelous job at introducing us to Unreal Engine, Maya, and the overall conception of game design. They all made us feel like pros at the end of the camp. While away from the studio, I roomed with Alan Jauregi. We instantly became friends. It is a very different experience sharing a dorm with someone from another country. I learned a lot about his Mexican background and culture.

On another note, I have always dreamed to attend Texas A&M University because my mom, dad, cousins, various aunts and uncles, and grandparents on both sides of my family have attended A&M. It is almost expected for all three of my siblings and I to be in College Station after senior year. This camp has matured my view of college life and the requirements needed to be successful in college.
My time at CampARCH has inspired me to look closer into game design by looking for multiple internships in the video game community. I most definitely aspire to return to CampARCH next year and the years to follow as a counselor. I feel that I personally helped a few fellow campers to see their respective fields as a doorway to other career opportunities. What I stressed the most is that even though you might not see yourself doing this in the future, many opportunities come through the least expected people. All in all, this week had a significant effect on my perception of college, the skill level and focus needed in my field, and that the choices I make now are what most greatly will shape my future. CampARCH is the epitome of a camp flawlessly giving future college attendees the full university experience while keeping them focused on the hard, but necessary things needed to be successful in life.

I want to thank you for letting me go to CampARCH, take time out of your life, and want the best for me as I journey through life.
Thank you and God bless.