My name is Khaliel. I currently reside in Layton, Utah. During the Kappa Kamp 2014, I was in group 1922, counseled by Nekeisha Campbell. I want to thank you for your donations and investing your hard earned money into my Kappa Kamp experience. It was amazing! The whole two weeks was very nice. We all had a fun and engaging experience.

Let me tell you about my Kappa Kamp experience. This opportunity meant so much to me. I really appreciated the work you put in to help me and my fellow campers have a great time. The two weeks away from home was worth it. I learned a lot at the camp. We learned about chasing our red rubber balls (our dreams), we learned how to make a business plan, and about different careers so that we could get more ideas about what we want to do when we grow up. I personally learned how to connect with different people from different places. I participated in the 14 year old age group. In my age group I met people from places like Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, Mississippi, and even some from right there in Dallas. I’m still in contact with the people from my age group. Our business idea was to create a glow-in-the-dark recreational center. It’s was called Glo-Zone because it is also a fun zone for kids of ages 7-15. There are sport fields, lazer tag, and even a food court. I contributed to designing the floor plan. I learned how to create a business plan and how to pitch to get investors to invest good money. We played sports during the week and also listened to members of Kappa Alpha Psi talk about their careers. The best part of the week was the basketball tournaments. It was great to showcase my skills and also watch and play against other boys who were showcasing their amazing skills. My favorite activity was the sports, specifically basketball and football. Those are my two favorite sports. My favorite field trip was to the Dallas Cowboy football stadium because I’ve also wanted to explore the insides and out of a sports stadium. Some friends that I met were: Evan, Malcolm, Tariq, Mike, Johnny, Frank, Dominic, and Zion. The counselors made me feel like they were committed to helping us have a good time. They were really down with us. My dorm experience was pretty good. I got along well with my roommates. The only thing I didn’t like was that my snacks would mysteriously go missing, but other than that it was pretty cool. This experience really inspired me to chase after my dreams and get to the next level to be successful. I would participate in Kappa Kamp again. It was a great experience that is worth living again. My plane trip was nice. It was three hours long. I really appreciate your donation to my camp experience. Your money was well spent on me. It will be well spent the next time because I am participating again. This opportunity was great.

Again, thank you HELP Sponsors. I will forever cherish this memory and I look forward to more.

Sincerely, Khaliel