Dear HELP sponsors,

My name is Hanh Nguyen, and I am from Morrow, Georgia. I am a rising senior and will enroll in Clayton State University for its dual enrollment program this year. I was given the chance to participate in the visualization program. I want to thank Mr. Ed and you for this opportunity to take part in CampARCH. This experience would have never occurred without the aid from HELP.As a student who attended numerous summer programs, I can honestly say that CampARCH was the absolute best. I was one of the few students outside of Texas to attend this camp, and it opened my eyes on how diverse and different other states are. Ultimately, I am extremely thankful for HELP and all of the guidance that was provided.

Applying for CampARCH was the smartest decision I made in high school career. Allow me to tell you a little about my overall experience. Coming from a low-income family and attending a Title I school, there was not a chance I could participate in CampARCH without the scholarship from HELP. My experience began with my first time riding alone on an airplane and ended with countless and unforgettable memories. With an interest in the technology field, I am extremely grateful to have participated in a camp that taught video game design. This overnight trip allowed me to enhance my leadership, communication, and teamwork skills. Being a highly competitive person, the competitions and team-building activities motivated me to work harder within my group and essentially win. While we were not competing against each other, I worked with video game design. With little experience of the programs used, my team and I successfully created an entertaining game. During studio time, we spent a few hours listening to lectures and tutorials using Maya, a 3D animation and modeling software, and Unreal Engine 4, a program used to design and build games. With the guidance from our instructors and counselors, the entire visualization program was able to create challenging and fun games.

On Wednesday and Friday, we spent ten to eleven hours working and finalizing our games to showcase on Saturday. On the other days, we worked five to six hours in the studio. Time flew by fast because we were busy having fun learning, developing our games, and bonding with our visualization family. When I was not working in the studio, I had the greatest privilege to take part in the best team of CampARCH: team silver. With our superb teamwork and leadership skills, we took home the prize of being first place out of eight teams. The best part of the week was definitely the activity: “Dark Side of the Moon.” All of the groups spent about three to four hours outside competing against each other in numerous activities. It was one of the first events that we participated in as a team. Everyone bonded as a family, and we were each other’s number one supporters. It was the most unforgettable experience in CampARCH. By taking part in two groups, the visualization program and team silver, I was given the opportunity to spend my time getting to know a number of people. Harrison, one of my group members, is one of the funniest and affable guys I have ever met. He always made my day and calmed me down whenever I would stress out about our game. In addition, I would have the longest conversations with Greg, a friend from my visualization program. Essentially, each person I had the chance of talking to were some of the kindest and friendliest people I ever got the chance of knowing. I was lucky enough to have their contact information and communicate with them even from Georgia. My counselors were great, especially the counselors from my silver team. Austin, Stephanie, Martin, and Ricky were my counselors for visualization. Every time we had a concern, they were there to answer it and help us. Even when we annoyed them with a thousand questions at a time, they were patient and ensured that we understood the concept. Jaina and Martin were my definitely two of my favorite counselors. They were the backbone of our team, and I would not trade them for any other counselor.

The instructors were remarkably patient with us and provided us with more than enough help to develop our games. They would spend hours with one team working and helping them achieve their goal. They stayed with us for six to eleven hours a day to ensure we received the help we need to complete our project. Attending this camp gave me a glimpse of how the college life works. Living in a dorm with a roommate and a bedroom all to myself was an eye-opening experience. It made me realize the independence and the responsibility I will have in the following year. Before CampARCH, I was not interested in applying to this university, but after meeting every one and seeing the many traditions Texas A&M has, I will definitely be applying. This camp inspires me to reach out to more programs, and it taught me to put myself outside of my comfort zone. There are no reasons as to why I would not want to apply for this program next summer.

As stated previously, I would not have the opportunity to attend this prestigious program without the aid and funding from HELP Consulting Inc. I have taken the knowledge and experience from my video game design class home and will utilize it in one of the organizations I am a part of: the Technology Student Association. The week I spent with CampARCH helped me grow into a more confident and competent leader. I left the camp with memories that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I am excited to venture out and possibly attend more camps and programs similar to CampARCH.

I would like to thank you again for providing me the scholarship to attend this wonderful college experience camp. I can assure you that your money was spent well, and I took full advantage of the experience in CampARCH. I will tell my friends and family all about HELP Consulting Inc. and how HELP changed my life. I am forever grateful for this opportunity. WHOOP