Dear Mr. Tarlton (Mr.Ed),

My name is Marissa from San Antonio, Texas. I am a rising senior and participated in the Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning program. Thank you for everything you did for all the LAUP students at CampARCH. You definitely provided a unique learning experience for all of us that was fun, motivational, and captivating. Being a student in your class taught me some invaluable lessons that I will continue to utilize throughout my life.

I couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity to attend YAP CampARCH. My overall experience was remarkable and will be a memorable part of my 2015 summer. I did not know what to expect in Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning; but I came to obtain an understanding that this particular field highlights the value of teamwork, the importance of research, and to always remember the main goal of the project—to help others benefit themselves as individuals and as a society. During the week, I along with my classmates; were exposed to the process of planning and designing a community that had been devastated by a natural disaster. My favorite part of the project was building the concept model. The highlight of the week was presentation day. I was given an opportunity to introduce my teammates and provide an overview of our company name, logo, and project concept. Team projects were displayed which reflected our hard work, dedication, and efforts. I met many talented and wonderful people who have now become friends. I found it easy to meet people as everyone was friendly. Our professor, Mr.Ed(you), provided a fun environment to work and learn in. Our counselors worked tediously to ensure we had everything needed and that our projects were flawless. I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the The Traditions. My roommate and I got along very well and I was able to meet others who were not in my class. I will be applying to Texas A&M because I aspire to continue my family’s legacy; my parents of Class ’82 and cousin Class of ’11. I love the Aggie community and traditions, and it feels like home to me. This experience inspired me to want to help others in my community and other countries. My week at YAP CampARCH was truly unforgettable and I am grateful for all the lessons learned in the studio and all the camp activities planned for everyone. This experience allowed me to explore my interest in Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning and solidify my choice of major while still giving me the chance to have a summer camp experience. It gave me the opportunity to get a glimpse at my potential future.

I appreciate all the time and effort you put into teaching us about Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning. Thank you for encouraging us throughout the design and planning process, reminding us that we won’t get it perfect the first time, and that it is all a team effort. Thank you, Mr. Ed, for believing in all of us. I wouldn’t want any other professor to lead the LAUP program. WHOOP!