Why am I deserving of and an excellent investment for a Help Consulting, Inc. Fish Camp Scholarship?

All my life I have set myself aside compared to my peers. Many of my loved ones, as well as friends and mentors have told me that I will be somebody great one day. Hearing this at a very young age made me well aware that I had capabilities like no other. My father was not in my life after I turned five years old. He was abusive and he and my mother separated. My sister joined the United States Marine Corps when I was in fourth grade; therefore I had to grow up fast. My mother worked two jobs, day and night trying to maintain a roof over my head and food on our table.

I joined the volleyball and track team my seventh and eighth grade year, I did very well. Ninth grade, I continued to play volleyball and excelled at the sport. I became team captain my junior year, as well as received the MVP medal. In my senior year, I was recognized as the all around district scholar athlete. I joined Marine Corps JROTC in my freshmen year and tried out for the Physical Fitness Training Team (PFT Team). I did so well my first year that I was promoted to the PFT Team Commander at the end of my freshmen year. I was commanding seniors, juniors, males and females as a sophomore commander. I taught my team the importance of family, leadership, team spirit, and initiative, proving ultimately that hard work does pay off… “In order to win and be the best we must work as a unit” (Nunes). My team has been the only consistent team at Hastings High School in the Marine Corps JROTC Program for the past five years to receive first, second and third place trophies at every competition. The end of my sophomore year I was promoted to the upcoming year’s Battalion Sergeant Major, which is among one of three highest ranks and billets in the program. This was the first time a junior female had attained this billet and rank in the history of the JROTC. I was yet again in charge of seniors, males and females (over 255 cadets reported to me on a daily basis). My excellence never stopped. I was a determined individual despite my personal home circumstances.

My mother had been diagnosed with breast cancer, cervical cancer and uterine cancer during my high school years. During this trying time, I maintained the top percentage of my class in Pre Ap, Ap, and Dual Credit classes, while still putting forth my best performance in my extracurricular activities. I was selected to be a member in the National Honor Society organization at my school; which further involved me in donating my time at Texas Children’s Hospital Medical Center, aiding cancer patients and organizing fun activities for them. I have volunteered for community service at Elementary, Intermediate, and Middle schools in the Alief District for Forensic Science, Parent Nights, and security for school oriented programs. My time has also been extended in mentoring HISD ROTC cadets for leadership and preparation for competitions and practices. For four years I have also offered my time at the Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery, (on Memorial Day), in helping Veterans and family members of deceased Veterans being recognized for their service.

My senior year of high school I was promoted to the battalion Commanding Officer (highest rank and billet – C. Lt. Colonel) in the JROTC program. I broke three PFT records at statewide competitions this year, received many academic awards such as A/B Honor Roll, the Harris County Sheriff’s Department awarded me the Perfect Attendance Award for not missing a day of school for three consecutive years, I received the top ten percent certificate, UIL Scholar and much more. As a student, an athlete, daughter, sister and friend, leader and mentor, I have done a superb job. All my hard work has paid off. I was ultimately accepted into the three colleges of my choice; (one being my dream school). High school has prepared me for the excellence I plan on achieving in college because I know this is just the beginning. Your investment in granting me enrollment at this Fish Camp Scholarship will not be one that you will regret. I will make you proud! I can assure you of that.

Thank you for the opportunity in meeting and speaking with you. It has been a privilege.

Texas A&M University
Class of ’19