Dear Mr. Ed,

My name is Rachel and I was one of the few out-of-state campers at YAP CampARCH this summer. As a senior attending Nixa High School, located in southwest Missouri, I participated in the LAUP program of the camp. I want to take the time and thank you for taking the time to teach us eight over the week. Your teaching style was unique and interactive showing how much I would love studio over any lecture classroom. Exploring campus with Sam, Ethan and you pointing out landmarks and telling us stories really helped me to imagine myself as a student.Your teaching style was similar in this respect. You gave us a story to play out as if we actually held a job and we had to find a solution. I want to thank you for being such an inspiration to your current students who then in turn encouraged the Landscape Architecture campers to want to become your students. You plan ahead and already have me thinking about a master’s program, which excites my parents to no end. So now I can confidently say that because of the studio you held and the counselors who assisted you, Texas A&M is my number one choice on my college list. Texas A&M is a special place, and I thank you for helping me find this spectacular culture.

Let me share with you a little about my overall experience as a camper at YAP CampARCH this past week. This camp while offering me a chance to explore Landscape Architecture as a potential career also gave me a chance to learn about the life of an Aggie Landscape Architecture student. Being someone from Missouri, I perceived Texas A&M as treating students as only a number. Coming to this camp and talking with the professors and counselors has shown me that there is so much MORE to the life of an Aggie. In particular, Molly’s overview of first-year studio projects made the coursework seem not so out of my reach.

Fellow landscape campers were inspiring to work with in building our disaster relief proposal and entertaining to hang out with outside of studio. I learned many magic tricks over the week, the geography of Texas, and how to play a drum. Learning how to work in teams to finish a large project—our model—was the most important skill. Stopping what you are doing and listening to your teammates is probably the biggest lesson Mr. Ed taught us over the week. I cannot tell you how much time this lesson saved our team during the crunch that last day of model building. I truly believe this camp was a success. My parents are happy with the tuition money spent to give me this amazing experience, and most importantly, giving me a clear direction on the big college decision.

So Mr. Ed, thank you for giving all eight of us campers a chance to experience Texas A&M as your prospective students, and more specifically, thank you for letting me, a person who had never truly considered A&M an option, a goal to fulfill. I am excited to tell my friends here in Missouri about my vast experiences over the week in studio and that I am applying August 1st to attend Texas A&M in 2016. Thank you for donating your time to help us learn if we would like the life of a studio student, and for setting up the “HELP Apply Texas Essay Workshop” program to, well, help us in the application process for Texas A&M. Hopefully I’ll see everyone from this camp again in 2016 along with you in studio.