Dear Help Sponsors,

My name is Riley and I am a rising senior from Cincinnati, Ohio. I participated in the Construction Science program at Camp ARCH. I wanted to thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in the camp.

Let me tell you a little bit about my overall experience. I was greatly blessed to meet Mr. Edward Tarlton late last November. I was approached by Mr.Tarlton . He had talked to my family while I was getting a drink and unbeknownst to me at the time, found out a lot about my love for Texas A&M the brief moment I was gone. When I returned he looked at me and told me to follow him much like a principal talking to a student I didn’t ask any questions, I just did as he said. Walking into his office he pulled a chair aside for me. I sat down not knowing what was even going on. He told me of a Summer camp Aggie Land that would be great for me. I looked into it and made it my goal to go. My father (92’) and Great Grandfather (41’) both attended and I enjoy every second when I can be down in College Station.

I started out in the architecture program, but because I knew Mr. Ed, I was lucky because he helped me switch to Construction Science (COSI). In COSI, I learned how to work well with kids from all parts of the country and Texas. I got to help and do many activities with the Construction Science program. We even got to tour the renovation at Kyle Field! We all got to go on the ropes course and learn about teamwork and safety. I met lots of cool friends; the counselors and professors were a great help to me throughout the week. I was lucky enough to know Mr. Tarlton, because I was in the wrong camp group and he switched me into construction science. Without construction science I wouldn’t have met some of the coolest and nicest kids ever.

In CampARCH you were never hungry ever! We ate like kings and always went to bed full. Another thing was how great the dorms were. Very nice and clean, my roommate and I felt right at home.

The classroom wasn’t the only place I caught myself and everyone having fun. In the dorms and meals I could see everyone enjoying themselves as well as meeting new people. By the end of the week I had met over eighty new people and learned a handful of games to bring home.

I would like to say this experience has sealed the deal for me applying to Texas A&M August 1st. The experience here has inspired me to not only apply to Texas A&M but change my major to something I never considered before Camp ARCH. The camp was well worth the long plane ride. I was able to get a few souvenirs and A&M clothes. I would do this camp all over again because it was just such a great experience.

Once again I would like to thank all the sponsors from the bottom of my heart because you gave me the experience of a lifetime. Going to College Station means so much to me and I would eventually like to call it my home for the next couple years.

Thank You Again Help Sponsors