Dear Mr. Ed,

Thank you for extending the opportunity for my brother and I to receive a Help Scholarship to participate in Texas A&Ms CampARCH program. I appreciate you pushing me out of my comfort zone and helping me learn how to be a better student overall. Thank you for looking out for my brother and I and reaching out to us. I learned a lot about Land Architecture and Urban Planning and life as a college student through this camp and I’m glad that I got the opportunity to go.

This week meant a lot to me overall because it was such an eye opening experience. I learned so much about the different programs in the college of architecture and how they are all cohesive with one another. While there was a lot of work this week, I had a lot of fun also. One of my favorite parts was being mistaken for the masters program of Land Architecture and Urban Planning one day while working in the studio. My favorite project was the final design of our 20 acre layout to rebuild a disaster zone of a major city. One thing I mostly appreciate was the strong friendships I made in just one week. Kira, Hanh, and Marissa are just a few. It’s crazy how that happens but I already find myself missing them but I know we will keep in touch. The counselors and professors were amazing. While they were there to help us learn and grow as individuals I had a personal incident and Amanda, Ethan and Samantha helped comfort me. I could tell they were fully devoted to be there to support us emotionally and intellectually. My dorm experience was great. Even though I ended up rooming alone, I had plenty of friends that invited me to hang out with them. I had already planned on applying to Texas A&M and coming to camp for a week long realistic college experience gave me more reason to apply. This camp inspired me to be myself. It was fun being around more people as bright or more so than me and that’s one thing I really enjoyed. I interacted with multiple other cultures and backgrounds as well as similar ones. I appreciate greatly the people who made participating in this event possible by supporting me monetarily. Since my dad works in the Land Architecture and Urban Planning field, this week was a great introduction to what he does. Even though initially this isn’t my field of interest I found myself thoroughly enjoying it and considering it as a field to study when I become an Aggie one day.

Thank you again for teaching me not only skills in the architecture field but also skills I’ll need to be a successful student and woman in the future. I appreciate everything you did for me this week and look forward to coming back next summer.