Dear Mr. Ed Tarlton,

My name is Leslie. I am a senior at Northland Christian School in Houston. I would love to thank you for being such an amazing teacher and mentor for the week I was at CampARCH. Your unique attitude and teaching style was amazing and left me hoping and wishing that one day you will be my professor at Texas A&M. I would also like to thank you for providing me and so many others the opportunity to participate in your HELP organization and for your time put into being an “Academic PIMP.” WHOOP

This opportunity was an invaluable opportunity for me to learn about and decide what major I would want to pursue at college. I learned more than I could imagine in such a short time. I learned about urban planning, demographics, designing practical and useful communities, and so much about landscape architecture that I never knew before. Thanks to this program and your positive influences I am now positive that this is the major I want to pursue in college.

During week we had so many lessons and worked on our projects in out groups everyday in the studio, which I loved. My favorite part of the week was definitely getting to present all our hard work to the whole camp at the end of the week.

One of the best parts of this camp was getting to meet and hangout with all the wonderful counselors and professors. They made this camp beyond amazing with their great personalities and abilities to make everyone feel included and involved.

I will definitely be applying to Texas A&M the very instant applications open! I had always been interested and wanted to apply to Texas A&M, but now that I have had the opportunity to be exposed to the A&M family, learn some of the traditions, and experience a first hand interaction inside the campus, my decision is dead set on me becoming an aggie!

This program inspired me to pursue landscape architecture and taught me what landscape architects do. I can’t wait to pursue this major because working on these projects and learning new things in the architecture building has inspired me to want to do that next year at A&M.

This camp created such a positive impact on my life. I came the first day dreading it, not looking forward to being away from home and surrounded by a bunch of strangers, but after just the first few hours I was pleasantly surprised! Everyone was so kind, friendly, and inviting! There wasn’t a single person that didn’t make me feel welcome. It was so amazing and such an amazing feeling that by Saturday I didn’t believe or want it to be over!

Once again thank you so much for your advice, teachings, time, and encouragement from my week in your class.