I met Chip in the fall and started talking to him about his major and asked my signature question, “What do you want to do when you grow up?” We talked some more, and I gave him my card. The next day I got this email:

Mr. Tarlton,
I am a sophomore ENDS student trying to find an internship around the DFW area for over the summer. I realize you are very busy, but any help you may have to offer would be much appreciated. Hope to hear from you soon, thank you again for your help!

Thanks & Gig ‘Em,
Chip ’16

After sending me a headshot picture, a new resume using the HELP template, making personal Texas A&M business cards using the HELP template, joining the Aggienetwork.com website, researching Aggie owned companies and working with him on his telephone interview skills over Christmas Break….WHOOP!… he informed me that he will be interning with the Aggie Owned Architecture, Planning & Interior firm Hahnfeld, Hoffer, Stanford this summer in Ft. Worth!

Website: http://www.hahnfeld.com/

Chip was also selected to represent the Texas A&M College of Architecture for another session in Student Senate! Quoting him “We’re gonna do big things in the 67th Session!”

This young man DID EVERYTHING I ASKED and MORE and it PAID OFF! I am so proud of him and wish him the best…WHOOP!