Howdy Mr. Tarlton!

​It’s 2014 HELP CampARCH Scholarship scholar Zahrah from Linden, NJ who participated in the construction science program. I want to thank you for the opportunity for letting me participate in Camp Arch as the person that made me realize how much the Camp Arch program became a benefit to what I would like to do in my career as a construction manager. It felt as though you were my professor for the week and you are one of the best professors I’ve met so far. You accepted my capabilities as far as writing a scholarship essay to the camp.

I want to tell you a little about my overall experience at camp arch and it was fun indeed especially venturing out to play in games the camp had to offer. This opportunity meant a lot to me, because I enjoyed the construction science program as a start for me to have a choice on what I would like to do in college. Camp Arch made me learn about what Texas A&M was really about not only just the courses, but the history, the society, and the tradition. The best part about Camp Arch during the week was mainly breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My favorite project in camp was my construction science project, because I and my construction science partners and I had a blast creating the logo for our group with a lot of laughter and work. On the first day of camp I made plenty friends mostly in the Architecture group. The Professors, council, and board department gave me a big impact on “Focus”. They made me realize that my future is standing right in front of me, as far as it’s never too late to be accomplished for more success. My dorm experience was very calm, mature, hilarious, and haunted all in one box. I would like to apply to Texas A&M as my first choice of college. The experience inspired me to be a great supervisor or manager in construction. My plane trip to College station was awesome, because I was so excited to come to Texas A&M as my first camp out of state. This opportunity was a very great investment on me, because I deserved this experience to know what the college life is really about.

In closing I just wanted to say Thank you again for donating your time and help making sure I participated into this program. I am very grateful for going to this Camp Arch. Mr. Tarlton I really did enjoy meeting you in person and I hope to see you again in the future “WHOOP”.

P.S. I am still amazed that I got a $500 Construction Science Scholarship to attend Texas A&M! WHOP WHOOP WHOOP!

Sincerely, Zahrah