My name is Joshua. I am 11 years old, from Fredericksburg, Virginia. I want to THANK YOU for the donations that provided the scholarship for me to attend Kappa Kamp.

Let me tell you about my experience…

When my Uncle Ed first told my mom about Kappa Kamp, I was really hesitant because I did not want to go to a camp I did not know about. However, after reviewing 2013’s schedule with my uncle, I thought it would be a good experience.

Before we left for the airport, we found out my direct flight was cancelled. Now I had to take a connecting flight to Houston through Atlanta. Though I was nervous about flying on a plane totally by myself for the first time, I arrived safely with no problems.

I was in the Bowtie Group. In the first week, we learned how to write a business plan. I experienced dorm life for the first time. I learned how to build a robot, manage money, tie a bowtie and a tie, and much more. We competed in sports like basketball and soccer and I learned how to play flag football. I heard about job opportunities in architecture, aviation, finance, law enforcement, the military, firefighting and teaching. At Kappa Kamp, I did things other kids do not do. So the opportunity meant a lot to me. I learned a lifetime of knowledge that will do me good in the future.

On Team Bowtie our business plan was the Chiropack. Our mission is to heal back pain on the go. The Chiropack is a backpack that vibrates and massages your muscles. It has many pockets and a built in charger. It also has wheels and a grip like a suitcase. The group had not all agreed on this idea at first but in the end we agreed and did a good presentation. We priced it at $350 with the desire to have an $120,000 annual profit after we pay all expenses (materials, marketing, rent, electricity, machinery, employees, etc.)

My dorm experience was awesome for a first time. The bed was comfortable and I had my own closet and drawers. My roommates and I came from different states. I was from Virginia, one from Tennessee and one from Chicago. Their names were Cameron Evans and Caleb Brown. I made friends with my roommate Cameron, and my team members Joshua Lynn, Zavier Benson, Wesley Lowe and Chris Neely.

My favorite activity was when I built a robot because robotics is a career I would love. The robot I built has a battery for a heart and a motor for a brain. It has tape for skin to hold it together and four paperclips for legs.

My favorite field trip was when we went to the AT&T Dallas Cowboys football stadium because we went on the field and into the locker rooms. Most people only ever sit in the stands. My favorite time of the week was Friday to Sunday because we were able to use our phones to call family, play games, read, and sleep longer.

What inspired me most were the speakers for the aviation and military careers and the number of other career options available to me. I heard them say if I keep myself out of trouble, keep getting good grades, am not fearful and maintain the attitude that it is cool to be smart, I will have many options.

I would love to participate in Kappa Kamp again because I know what to expect. I can’t wait for next year.

Because of your donation I had this great experience, and I thank you. Your money was well spent because it was a great learning experience for my development as a young man and I will share my knowledge with my little brother and my friends, Dequan and Isaiah.