Mr. Ed,

My name is Tyler and I am a seventh grader at Woodcreek Middle School in Houston, Texas. I like skateboarding, going outside, drawing, playing video games in my free time, and going outside to play sports with my friends. This year I played on an AAU basketball team called the Franchise All-stars. My favorite subject is Texas History because I get to learn about the past and see the impact it had on the future. The last book I read was called Black History it talked about what African-Americans had to go through with slavery and segregation.

I want to attend Kappa Kamp to learn about managing my money and starting a business. After high school, I want to get an academic scholarship to Texas A&M University and get a degree in engineering, because I want to become an engineer when I grow up. I don’t want to be a pro athlete I just want to be an engineer. I just want to get a good education and I want to know how to spend my money wisely and I need something to fall back on if it does not work out. In the end, I just want my family to be very proud of me, the decisions I make and what I choose to do. When I am successful I will know that I did the work it took to get there and being a part of Kappa Kamp will start me on the road to success.

I am a great choice for a Kappa Kamp scholarship because I will work hard and I will make the right decisions while at camp. My goal is to go to college and get a great education I want to get on the right path to success. I want to see the opportunities the Kappa Kamp will provide me with but, I know that I have to work hard there and in life in general. My goal in Kappa Kamp is to work hard, experience college life through living in a college dorm for two weeks, make friends, have fun, listen to the instructor’s and what members of the organization are trying to help me with. Your money helping me to attend will be well spent.

Thank you for the opportunity.