Throughout my undergraduate career, Mr. Ed’s name came up several times in conversations with my colleagues concerning HELPing students making it through undergrad, getting jobs and HELP with graduate school. It wasn’t until I became a student of his in URPN 483, the only studio course for urban planning students, that I had the opportunity to put a face to the name. From the moment he started speaking on the first day of class, giving advice to us, I was hooked. I wanted to succeed and leave a mark in this world that everyone will remember me by. Ed introduced me to multiple professors within the College of Architecture and the importance of being diverse in my studies. One topic that arose in our discussions was the Masters of Land & Property Development (MLPD) program here at Texas A&M. I have always had a huge interest in development so I decided to speak with Ed more on the subject. When he told me that this program was one of kind and no one else teaches the material that is taught here…I immediately started filling out my application and of course I asked Ed to write a letter of recommendation for me to enter into the program.

With the HELP of Ed, I will be graduating with my Master’s from MLPD in December. Ed has also taught me to get out there and network with multiple professionals in the private sector of real estate development. I am maintaining professional relationships with people in the industry and look forward to, hopefully, be working with them one day. On top of improving my college career, I am also Treasurer of the Real Estate Development Association (REDA) which helps me to succeed in leadership and management qualities.

Ed has HELP’ed everyone who wants to suceed in multiple ways but now I ask him, how can I HELP?