Hi my name is Kameron.

I am an honor roll 6th grade student at Tapp Middle School in Powder Springs, Georgia. I like to play basketball and I enjoy serving my community. In fifth grade I joined art club. We painted a restaurant’s windows for the holiday season. This year in sixth grade I joined an organization at my school called Men of Tapp. It’s a three year program that lasts our middle school career. It helps build you into a leader. Also every other Saturday we go to a community event to serve free food for less fortunate people. My favorite subjects in school are math and social studies. The last book I read was “Schooled” by Paul Langan. Usually the types of movies I like to see are comedy, documentaries, and action movies. The sport I play is basketball and I also look forward to starting track & field. My career choice I have chosen is to be an accountant. I would like to be an accountant because I can use my great math skills and handle my own money. These are just a few interesting facts about me, Kameron Conley.

I want to go to Kappa Kamp to spend part of my summer enhancing my leadership skills. This camp will give me an opportunity to stay active during the summer. The one time I’ve stayed away from home for a camp was May 2013. May 2013, my fifth grade class took a three day trip to Tybee Island, Georgia on the coast of Georgia. We slept in bunk houses and 91 kids from my school went. I guess that qualifies for staying in a dorm with about 100 other kids. At this camp I’m looking forward to meeting new friends and people. I’m also looking forward learning new things and developing my leadership ability. The final thing I’m looking forward to is fellowshipping with other young people like me. Those are the things I want to get out of Kappa Kamp.

I am a great candidate for the HELP scholarship because I am independent and very intelligent. HELP sponsors should invest time and money in me because I will cooperate with the rules & policies and use my time wisely at the camp. I’m not going to be the kid who is going to sit around and text my friends at home. I’m going to use the time to get to know the leaders and campers around me. I’ll participate in our activities and try my best no matter how hard it is. Reflecting on this essay I know I’m a great candidate for the HELP scholarship and Kappa Kamp.