Dear Ed,

I want to thank you for all of your counseling, mentoring, and help in my academic career. Your advice directly led to the discovery of my real estate development career, a path that I am deeply passionate about. Without your help, I would never have known about this incredible opportunity that Texas A&M’s College of Architecture had to offer, and I may not have been truly content with a career as an architect.

Not only did your advice on understanding the importance of the financial and development sector help me to decide my career path, but your assistance with the application into the Master of Land & Property Development, including introduction’s to professors and key personnel of the program made the difference. Moreover, your talks and direction positioned me for an assistantship and leadership positions that led to teaching opportunities that have help with funding my graduate schooling. I had no idea that all these things were what it took, but your help with everything was instrumental to my ability to attend and succeed in the MLPD program.

Funny thing is I did not know very much about real estate development prior to your recommendation, but I took a leap of faith based on my trust in your good judgement, well-rounded experience, and investment in my future success. I thank GOD everyday that I listened, trusted you and made that leap.

Very Respectfully and Appreciatively,

Demerius Seals ’13