Campers Focus area during CampARCH
1. Amber Randall, Houston, TX Architecture
2. John Durena, Miami, FL Architecture
3. Jorge Olvera, Jr., Bryan, TX Architecture
4. Omar Bailey, North Plainfield, NJ Architecture
5. Allison Levi, Kyle, TX Construction Management
6. Grady A. Roberts, Atlanta, GA Construction Management
7. Zain Roberts, Des Moines, IO Construction Management
8. Cory Patton, Charlotte, NC Visualization
9. Jalon Nave, Cypress, TX Visualization
10. Ibn Bailey, North Plainfield, NJ Visualization

All students were awarded a full scholarship to the Texas A&M College of Architecture’s CampARCH Summer Program ($700), and HELP procured sponsorships for travel scholarships that included round-trip airfare, so students had NO out of pocket expenses!