This year I had the greatest opportunity of a lifetime, which was being selected as a HELP Scholar and spending a week at Texas A&M University, my sisters college and running for Georgia TSA state president. This journey was full of excitement, but equal amounts of stress. At the end, I gave it my all and unfortunately came short to win. Although I did not become a state officer, this experience has still motivated me into making my last year in TSA the best it can be with or without state office. I would like to first thank my family for their endless amounts of support through my endeavor. Secondly, I would like to thank my advisor and chapter for helping me campaign and being there every step of the way! And lastly, I would like to thank Mr. Tarlton, HELP and the Georgia TSA for giving me these two opportunities in the first place! Congratulations to the new 2015 HELP scholars, which includes my younger sister and the 2015-2016 state officer team! I know you guys will do phenomenal. Remember that it is always a “Nguyen Nguyen situation. WHOOP!”