Higher education is difficult to navigate and harder to excel in!

HELP is a federally recognized 501c3 non-profit, started in 2011, whose mission is to assist students get “to and through high school and college” and on to graduate school and careers!

Whether in pursuit of a Bachelor’s, Masters or Ph.D., for many students, creates indecision about where to attend, the application process, essays/personal statements, financing, etc. Compounding the apprehension is a lack of general information when it comes to parents and students as to what is needed to be successful in today’s academy. It’s no longer enough to have college educated parents, an elite education, high test scores and hours of community service. Our services assist students to prepare for, persist through and maximize their experiences at all levels:

  • Middle and high school
  • 2-year and 4-year colleges
  • Master’s and Professional programs
  • Doctorate programs (Ph.D. and Ed.D.)

“You can either get HELP or compete against students who do!”