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HELP’s College 

undergrad Services

HELP provides custom evidence-based, ROI focused, consulting and research services based on our individual clients needs, objectives, desired outcomes, budget, and timeline.

Corporate & NGO's

HELP works with scholars both straight out of high school and non-traditional (military, older, career advancement/change) that are seeking to select the correct colleges and majors to maximize their college experience, need professional advice, guidance, and/or just want assistance in maximizing the pursuit of their personal, academic, and career goals during undergrad.

Corporate & NGO's

Transfer scholars: HELP assists scholars with awareness of the requirements, college and major selection and matching, the application process, entrance essays and interviews, and preparation for successful transition.

Corporate & NGO's

1st and 2nd year: Successful social transition and setting a solid foundation of academic success and service participation, followed by sustained academic excellence, leadership development, and deeper exploratory research into potential bridges from college majors to actual career interests.

Corporate & NGO's

3rd & 4th year: Academics, service, leadership, and extracurricular activities based on narrowed career interest research and selection, followed by resume, interview skills, and networking development, job shadowing, and graduate school and internship prep to maximize future career opportunities.

Corporate & NGO's

Cost: Education is individual, so HELP fees are customized based on students’ personal needs and goals.


HELP participates in workshops, conference panels, webcasts, college & graduate school fairs, and also presents to groups and organizations that are engaged with the populations we serve. We specialize in working with parents & students, schools & universities, athletic departments, scholar & honor programs, Greek letter organizations, youth development, spiritual, and civic groups and organizations.

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